India spends more than Rs. 1 lakh Crores on fertilizer subsidy, the second highest subsidy after food. There are several problems in the system set up around the current fertilizer subsidy. There seems to be an acceptance among all stakeholders, even among those with competing interests, that a change in the fertilizer subsidy policy is inevitable. However, there are diverse viewpoints and ideas on the path forward.

Any path forward will have ramifications on incomes of millions of farmers, agricultural output, the economy and government finances. Finding a solution to such a ‘wicked’ problem requires people who hold different viewpoints and analyses to go beyond debating each other, to engage in a deeper, respectful exercise of understanding each other and put their minds together to co-create a solution.

With such co-creation in mind, Bharat Krishak Samaj and Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom convened a small, select group of influential stakeholders to an intense conversation and interaction time called a “Wicked Sprint”.

This was held from the in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Date: 7th Oct – 10th Oct 2020,

Watch this video on what participants thought of the video

Watch this video on what participants thought of the video

What is a Wicked Sprint


A Wicked Sprint is an intensive collaborative workshop specially designed to elicit collective wisdom with a diverse set of stakeholders and experts. Wicked Sprints bring stakeholders together who have not necessarily interacted with each other before so that there is a possible alignment towards potential pathways of change

The process of the wicked sprint is geared to start with individual perspectives and then to use data and cognitive science to create alignment, i.e., to go from “I” to “We”. Once that alignment is achieved and people understand where the others in the room are coming from, we use data and design tools to arrive at pathways for future action that are jointly held by clusters of people, i.e., they consider those pathways to be “Ours”. Taking that visceral belief in ‘our’ pathway into a commitment for future action is the last stage of the sprint with the intent that every person in the room will make a commitment for what they will do when they leave the sprint.

Refer to this note to understand why Wicked Sprints work.

Why Wicked Sprints Work